International SEX WORKERS' DAY


Take a listen to a 48 second preview of "Sex Work Is Real Work". The song will be released to all platforms on June 2nd. International Whores’ Day or International Sex Workers’ Day is observed annually on June 2nd of each year to honor sex workers and recognize their often exploited working conditions. It has been celebrated annually since 1976.


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Music & Art alert! "APRIL TWENTY" is out now!

Click Here to listen to the 420 anthem on Spotify or scroll up to find your preferred platform. This image of me in prison depicting the prejudice and racially driven Mass Incarceration of people of color for Cannabis use was created by Anne Gogh. Cannabis is being legalized without reparations to the families of those imprisoned.

PrideFest at six flags new England

The 4th annual celebration will be in September 2022 with an exact date to be announced soon. If you've never attended take a look at the video.

Day of Remembrance - EP 2022

Uprising 1969 - EP 2021

Innocent - Mixtape 2016