Black art Heals (Documentary)

Six creatives and community activists travel the East Coast of the United States during the Covid-19 pandemic in search for answers through artistic expression amidst the 2020 presidential election and police brutality protests. 

DIRECTED BY: Ephraim Adamz 

STARRING: Kamora Herrington, Versatile Poetiq, Olusanya Bey, Chris Pressley, Tree Sage, and DJ Ephraim Adamz


T-Girl: The Truth In Transitioning explores the before and after testimony of a young Black transgender woman as she embarks on her Bottom Surgery journey. The title "T-Girl" is used here as a metaphor for Truth and Truthful without whitewashing the experience of trans women of color who fully embrace AAVE terms.

DIRECTED BY: Ephraim Adamz

STARRING: Ciara Ta-Halor

Genre: Documentary | International Transgender Day of Visibility | LGBTQ+ | Gender Reassignment Surgery, Sex Reassignment Surgery, Gender Affirmation Surgery, Gender-Affirming Surgery, Bottom Surgery


Sarah is assaulted after visiting the local magic shop. In an emotional state of trauma, she summons horror movie icons to attack her peers. They must figure out how to break the spell and send the villains back to the fiction realm before it's too late. 

DIRECTED BY: Ephraim Adamz 

STARRING: Maria Tardif, Ty Madyson, James Marino, Curtis Reid, Lee Paholski, West Dukes, Michael Citak, Kathleen O'Neil,