Transgender legacy flag & ceremony

The Transgender Legacy Flag was created by Ephraim Adamz of Hartford CT in 2023 for the twenty-fifth anniversary of Transgender Day of Remembrance. It recognizes the resilience that has been built off the bloodshed of Black bodies.

Black and brown is placed at the center of the Transgender Legacy Flag to bring awareness to negro descendants of U.S. chattel slavery and the African diaspora. The triangular midpoint insinuates an hourglass, which symbolizes past, present, future, and legacy.

It’s creation was inspired to bring attention to Rita Hester, a Black transgender woman from Hartford CT who’s murder in 1998 sparked the first Transgender Day of Remembrance.


T-Girl: The Truth In Transitioning explores the before and after testimony of a young Black transgender woman as she embarks on her Bottom Surgery journey. The title "T-Girl" is used here as a metaphor for Truth and Truthful without whitewashing the experience of Black trans women who fully embrace Ebonics/AAVE terms.

DIRECTED BY: Ephraim Adamz

STARRING: Ciara Ta-Halor

Genre: Documentary | International Transgender Day of Visibility | Queer | Gender Reassignment Surgery, Sex Reassignment Surgery, Gender Affirmation Surgery, Gender-Affirming Surgery, Bottom Surgery