Black art Heals (Documentary)

Six creatives and community activists travel the East Coast of the United States during the Covid-19 pandemic in search for answers through artistic expression amidst the 2020 presidential election and police brutality protests.

DIRECTED BY: Ephraim Adamz

STARRING: Kamora Herrington, Versatile Poetiq, Olusanya Bey, Chris Pressley, Tree Sage, and DJ Ephraim Adamz


T-Girl: The Truth In Transitioning explores the before and after testimony of a young Black transgender woman as she embarks on her Bottom Surgery journey. The title "T-Girl" is used here as a metaphor for Truth and Truthful without whitewashing the experience of trans women of color who fully embrace AAVE terms.

DIRECTED BY: Ephraim Adamz

STARRING: Ciara Ta-Halor

Genre: Documentary | International Transgender Day of Visibility | LGBTQ+ | Gender Reassignment Surgery, Sex Reassignment Surgery, Gender Affirmation Surgery, Gender-Affirming Surgery, Bottom Surgery